Renaming Primary View

As the title suggests, can the primary view be renamed? Am I missing something? For context, I am owner.


Hi @Nathalie_Collins,

Primary View can’t be renamed from the view context menu.
The “Rename View” will be in disabled state even for the user who has owner permissions.
Whereas for other views “Rename View” will be in enabled state.

Work Around:
By changing the sheet name, we can change a primary view.

Hope this is useful

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Thank you for the workaround. Is this inability to change the name on the primary view intentional, or will we have the ability in the future? It seems counterproductive to block it. I guess I don’t see the value in blocking it.

Primary view name is always derived from sheet display name, hence it cannot be altered.
This is expected behavior.


Works perfectly now. I would never have thought to change the sheet name. Thanks Again :+1:


Thanks @Nathalie_Collins your point is valid and we may reconsider enforcing a link between the display name of primary view and the sheet name in the future.

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