Related Row Lookup inside an IF statement

I have a Worksheet1 that has a checkbox for if something is true. In another cell, I want to lookup the info in a cell in Worksheet2. If it’s true, show me the data from another worksheet, and if it’s false, show me different data from worksheet 2

Hello @steve.spradlin

One approach you can consider is to define both lookup fields in the worksheet. Then, add a column formula to choose which lookup field value to project on the basis of checkbox state or some other condition on the lookup field values itself.

For eg. In this worksheet below, column C & column E are two lookup fields. Column G is the column formula which projects value in column C or E on the basis of checkbox in column F.


We can also define the column formula to implement rules like choose the lower tax computation.


Thank you. That will work. I’ll just have to move some data around from another sheet.

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