Related row lookup fails on edit data type

I created two new columns in the first table of a spreadsheet, originally both were automatic. The first of the new columns was then edited to be a Related row to the second worksheet in the spreadsheet. I could select from the available options and all was good. I then edited the second new column to be a Related row lookup and selected the column from the related table as per the guidelines. This didn’t work - the values in the cell were not showing up. Repeat and rinse several times - nothing. Finally, I deleted the second column and started the selection from the beginning with the new inserted column as the Related row lookup and the column that I wanted - now it works … curious?

We are aware of this issue: converting a related row column to a related row lookup column currently fails. Thanks for your patience.

We are tracking this as issue # 001805 and will update this thread when there is more to share.

This issue has been fixed in today’s release. Converting a Related row column to a Related row lookup column now works as expected.