Real-Time Filter

A real-time filter - like a Search Box where you can type, and it takes the existing dataset (filtered or not) and automatically adds another filter of rows that have that data/text that was entered into the Searchbox (as you type).

So… if we currently have a specific filter applied (the currently existing Filter method), I’d like the ability to start typing into a text box, that - as I type - filters the screen to only show rows that have the text that I typed.

Kinda like a “Find” on steroids (filters the dataset in real-time).

Not sure whether this should be applied to specific columns, or through all columns - but I think for all columns would be good by default (or at least a first implementation).

Why? I use an existing filterset, and when the dataset is long/large and scrolls off the page, I’d love to just be able to jump to a specific row, or only see rows that have specific data - and to be able to quickly edit them on screen without scrolling and finding each of them. Why do I not want this to be a filter (based on the existing Filter capability)? Because I do this a lot, and the text I need to search for can change a lot - it would be extremely unproductive and slower for me to create a Filter set for each text I need to search for - and this text I need to look for can change at least weekly, if not daily, and currently I am having to scroll a lot to find the related rows.

Hi Taka, although slightly different than what you are suggesting, we used to have real-time filtering in Filters that filtered as you type. We may bring this behavior back in a future update (something we are considering internally).

Meanwhile, one way to achieve what you are looking for – in part – is by using our search feature: CTRL+F or Edit > Find from the menu.

While this worksheet search won’t filter results, it will allow you to quickly jump to the next match by pressing ENTER: