Project Management on Project Timeline with Milestones template

After starting a project plan with the “Project Timeline with Milestones” template I tried to edit the data type for “Assigned to” (column C) in an effort to change it to a multi-select list. But instead I see a message saying " This column is assigned as the Assigned user in Project Management , so its Data Type and Hierarchy rollup settings cannot be changed."

As a work-around I thought I could create a new “Assigned to” column to replace the existing, but I can’t delete the original Column C until it’s removed from use in the PM dialog box. When I go to the PM dialog, the drop downs work, but there’s no way to remove/change the current selections.

Assigned User Column selection in project management has to be a User type. Although the data type cannot be changed, you can allow multiple selections by checking the “Allow multiple users” which will make this column a multi-select.


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@Nicole_Tschorn - followup question. Why did you want to use a Select? Is it because you wanted to assign to someone who is not “a User”, but is a person who is not part of the workbook - like an external party - a Vendor/Contractor;

Yes, exactly— I wanted to build out a project that assigned people to tasks, but didn’t require them to have an account or even an email.

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I agree that this use case is pretty common. When not wanting the Assigned To column, you can just hide that column and create a different column to do something similar with a non-User data type.