Product Updates - October 12, 2020


1. Related row lookup tree improvement
Now when creating a Related row lookup, the tree of relationships to select from is fully collapsed, reducing confusion about where to find the column you are looking for:


  • 002279, 002303, 002304: Owners can no longer remove themself from a workspace or workbook if they are the only Owner (a situation that could previously lead to Owner-less entities). Owners are also now prevented from downgrading their own permission level unless there is at least one other Owner assigned.

  • 002397: Scrolling using mouse wheel on Mac after a sort operation no longer may lead to incomplete worksheet rendering.

  • 002288: Line breaks no longer get removed from cells when a row is opened in form view (i.e. the row details dialog)

  • 002086: Attachment and Related row links are no longer unclickable when overlapped by a column header or frozen row.

  • 001897: When adding a new option to a Select or Multiselect from within a cell, worksheet no longer loses focus.

  • 002197: In Firefox and Safari, Related row tree no longer shows just an ellipsis … when a worksheet or workbook has a long name.

  • 002389: Templates in the template gallery are now sorted alphabetically.

  • 002450: Cell-level formula editor now behaves as expected after clearing the “=” prefix when a cell reference has been selected during formula editing with the mouse or keyboard.