Product Updates - June 6, 2020


  • Row height calculation algorithms have been rewritten, eliminating most known row header <> row misalignment issues.


  • 001419 - Formula bar now displays the cell value and allows editing when an icon set or rating cell is selected
  • 001586 - Cells with the Text data type no longer convert values that appear to be in scientific notation to numbers. For example, when a cell has the Text data type, entering 274E13 in the cell will no longer result in trying to convert it to a number.
  • 001434 - Scrolling worksheets vertically using arrow keys resulted in rendering issues that have now been fixed
  • 001585 - Formula editor assistant can now handle absolute references such as =SUM($C:$C)
  • 001662 - Cross-sheet formulas now work when worksheet names have special characters such as -, <, >, `, ~, etc.
  • 001674 - Fixed issue whereby resizing a column may reset column-level data type settings
  • 001427 - When a whole column is selected, the right click โ€œEdit data typeโ€ context menu item now opens the Update Column dialog as expected
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