Product Updates - June 27, 2020


  • Added support for the ISFORMULA() function, a simple way to test whether a cell has a formula.
  • 001668 - Parent nodes in Related row and Related row look up dialogs now expand/collapse by clicking on node names, not just the +/- icons.


  • 001747 - Forgot password process has been changed to case-insensitive.
  • 001773 - Undo/Redo now works correctly in sorted views.
  • 001760 - When uploading a file into an attachment cell, the focus no longer automatically returns to the cell when the upload completes.
  • 001770 - Cells set to “Overflow” will no longer show as set to “Wrap” in the toolbar when they are not.
  • 001785 - Parent notes in Related row lookup dialogs now correctly display the referring worksheet and workbook names
  • 001793 - The COLUMNS() formula no longer throws a #REF! error when it should not