Product Updates - February 1, 2023 - OpenAI Integration -- The power of ChatGPT in your spreadsheets

Announcing OpenAI integration in Spreadsheet.​com

We’re happy to share that on January 31st we officially crossed the 200,000 registered user mark! :tada:

This makes it an extra special time for us to celebrate today’s launch of OpenAI integration in Spreadsheet‍.​com. We would really appreciate your support of our launch today on Product Hunt.


OpenAI in Spreadsheet.​com

Now, with one simple formula, you can easily leverage the same generative AI models behind ChatGPT to create content, answer questions, and build new automated workflows using any data in your sheets.

With native OpenAI integration, Spreadsheet.​com makes it easy to generate content such as social media posts, job descriptions, real estate listings, SEO keywords and phrases, travel plans, creative writing, and more.

It also enables you to perform a variety of automated tasks like correcting spelling and grammar errors, translating text, cleaning messy data, performing research, and many forms of analysis.

Learn more, see live examples, and get started with OpenAI-powered templates by visiting OpenAI and

One function. Endless possibilities.


All you need to work with OpenAI in Spreadsheet.​com today is the new OPENAI_COMPLETE function, which allows you to pass any information from cells and ranges in your worksheets to OpenAI as a completion request, just as if you were typing it into ChatGPT.

The result is returned within your formula, which you can work with as any other text.


For a full set of live examples, see our OpenAI Completions workbook.

When you use OPENAI_COMPLETE for the first time, you’ll be prompted to provide an OpenAI API key, which is freely available from your OpenAI account.

For more information about using OpenAI with Spreadsheet.​com, see:

New OpenAI-powered Templates

We added 25 new templates in January, including 12 that use OpenAI to enhance and enrich data, and generate creative content.

For example, the Social Media Calendar with OpenAI template uses OpenAI to write social media posts from a given topic and list of hashtags for each post.


The Product Feedback with OpenAI template, takes product feedback submissions from a built-in Form view and uses OpenAI to summarize them all in simple bullet points.


One of our favorites is the Super Cool Story Generator template, which shows how easy and fun it is to pass a number of inputs to OpenAI and get back a creative result.


Other newly published OpenAI-powered templates include:


This is one of the coolest new API functions ever! Yes, you could get and return the same info directly from OpenAI by copy/paste … but this could save SO much time! I’d never thought of using OpenAI to help reformat existing content before (like your customer feedback example).


Thanks @Vertex42!

This is the first of multiple generative AI integrations we are building, and the first example of what we call “Formula Integrations” – one of multiple new categories of integrations we’re working on. Watch this space and we look forward to your feedback.

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