Product Updates - December 8, 2020 - L&F Updates

What’s new?

1. Look & feel changes
As part of a broader branding initiative, we’ve changed the font styles and colors used throughout from a traditional spreadsheet green theme to a more modern blend of blue and purple.

With a nod to American philosopher Nelson Goodman, who coined the term “grue” as a portmanteau of green and blue in 1955, our designer lovingly named our new theme “blurple” (a historic event that has yet to be documented in Wikipedia).

2. Workspaces
What we previously called “Accounts” are now “Workspaces”. Workspaces are spaces for you to share work with other users or keep private for just yourself. Each workspace can contain any number of folders and workbooks within.

You can configure a workspace’s settings and manage workspace users by clicking the gear icon in the sidebar or main work pane:


3. Folders
What we previously called “Workspaces” are now “Folders”. Folders provide a way to organize work within a workspace into separate areas shared with different users or just yourself.

Folders can be created within a workspace by clicking the “+” icon in the sidebar or main work pane:


4. The Collaborator role
We’ve renamed the “Editor - can share” role to “Collaborator”. Unlike Editors, users with the Collaborator role can create and share folders and workbooks within a workspace. Collaborators can also create and manage views within worksheets. In addition, Collaborators will soon be able to assign and manage view-specific permissions and lock or unlock views to prevent other users from changing them.

5. Getting started steps
We’ve also introduced a set of steps in the sidebar to help new users get started with You will notice these steps automatically get marked as completed as you perform actions in the product.


6. A big fix
001703: In a fix several users have been waiting for, renaming a worksheet now correctly updates all cross-sheet references in formulas from the old worksheet name to the new one.

What’s next?

As our engineering team grows, our ability to work on multiple new features and enhancements in parallel is increasing. Over the next several weeks you’ll see updates from us announcing the following:

  • High performance grid 2.0: The next version of our grid is shaping up to be the most significant improvement to the user interface yet, achieving a rendering speed, interaction responsiveness, and smoothness of scrolling that we’re very excited to roll out.

  • Workbook version history: Ability to preview old versions of a workbook showing each change made, when it was made, and who made it. This will also include the ability to restore and create copies from old versions.

  • View permissions and locking: Based on clear demand from early users, we’ll soon be adding the ability to limit views to a specific set of users as well as the ability to lock a view so no other users can make changes without first unlocking it.

… and more. Stay tuned!

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