Product Updates - August 20, 2023: Collapse all and Expand All

Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of a long-awaited feature set:

  1. Ability to collapse and expand all rows in a hierarchy
  2. Automatically saved collapsed and expanded state

Let’s take a look!

:evergreen_tree: Collapse all and Expand all

Now you can easily collapse and expand all parent rows in a hierarchy by selecting the new Collapse all and Expand all options in the primary column’s context menu.


:floppy_disk: Automatically Saved Collapsed and Expanded State

Spreadsheet.​com now automatically saves the collapsed or expanded state of each parent row. This state is saved for each user on a per-View basis, so your hierarchy will always be in the same state it was in when you come back to any View, even if you logout in between working sessions.

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