Product Updates - April 4, 2022 - View sidebar, date formats, templates and taxes

What’s new?

Multiple views and view types are used so frequently in that we found users needed a faster way to create, edit, and switch between them. We also found that new users needed a much easier way to discover them. That’s why we’re excited to launch the new pinnable View sidebar.

We also added two new date format options in Date and Date & time data types, and published 4 new templates including a Tax Prep Checklist based on guidance from H&R Block.

Let’s take a look.

View Sidebar

You’ll see the new View sidebar pinned open by default in any worksheet that has more than one view. Now you can easily switch between views with a single click, reorder views in the list with drag and drop, and edit view names by double clicking.


New views of any type can now be created with a single click using buttons at the bottom of the sidebar.


For more information on working with Views in, see Introduction to Views.

You can also check out the new view sidebar in action in most of the templates in our Template Gallery.

Additional date formats

We’ve added two new date format options to Date and Date & time data types based on feedback from you:

New Templates

We published 4 new templates to the Template Gallery including a Tax Prep Checklist from H&R Block for storing relevant documents in a central location so you’re ready for your accountant, TurboTax, or your abacus.

The template also includes a 2022 tax brackets table and a marginal tax rate calculator. In addition, worksheets for fun facts and regional tax rates make for some interesting exploration on the history and current state of taxes from ancient Egypt to the present day around the world.

Tax Prep Checklist Template

Other templates published include:
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