Problem Copying Data From Excel (Too Many Rows)

I was trying to run a test to verify the MONTH function and came across a different issue with copying/pasting from Excel.

To replicate exactly what I did:

In Excel I created a column of dates increasing by 1 from 1/1/2019 (2500+ rows). In column B, I added the =MONTH(A1) formula and copied that down.

Starting with a blank worksheet in SSDC, if I copied these cells and pasted into SSDC, I got a “Worksheet Out of Sync” error which caused the page to reload without my data that I copied in.

This copy/paste process worked fine for 100 rows, then 500 rows, and even 1500 rows, but breaks down somewhere between that and 2500+ rows (I didn’t test to figure out exactly how many rows could be copied).

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There is an undocumented limit on the number of rows (1000 max) and columns (100) that are inserted beyond the sheet’s current boundaries. So if you sheet has been just created you will have 100 rows and 26 columns.
I used the Add Row widget to insert 1500 rows in the sheet and then did the 2500 row paste and it succeeded.

We will work on letting the user know about the error more appropriately. Thanks for the post.


Cool. Having a more specific error message would be sufficient.

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This is good to know. I kept having the same issue so it is good to know how to fix it.

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