Print GANTT View Option

I noticed when I am looking at GANTT View, there is no option to print. It would be nice to be able to print either the GANTT Window alone or as a side by side with the cells and rows like how it is displayed. This would be beneficial for sending to clients for quick timeline updates and for records to document progress.


We are evaluating the best ways to print Gantt views. While a quick solution is always on the cards, we want to be thorough in selecting a way that allows printing Gantt views with extensive data and a considerable timeline. Nothing concrete yet.

We will update this thread when we have more info. Until then, I suggest taking a screenshot of the Gantt window and inserting it as a floating image in the corresponding sheet view. Then take a print.

Sample pdf page

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This software is very good but only can’t print or export pdf with Grantt chart file so I don’t want to buy to use. What a disappointment