Pressing Equal then Clicking a Cell with the Mouse

This may have happened before, but I’m noticing it a lot today … many times when I try to create a formula in just a blank spreadsheet, after pressing = and then selecting a cell reference with the mouse, it ends the formula edit mode and selects the cell I just clicked on. Work around: enter cell references manually. This happened to me at least 20 times in the last hour. But, I haven’t figured out if there is a pattern. The data type of the cell I’m creating the formula in may be a number or currency or automatic.

Hi. We made a HF today. Could you please check again. If it is still happening, could you please share the workbook with me. I could not reproduce it.

See Cell C31 in the second worksheet of the “Options and Analysis” workbook.

There are frequently cases where when trying to edit a formula, the references are not converted to color-coded references. See the difference between the following:



In the case shown in the first screenshot (cell C31), there is a problem. The second case works fine.

Got it. Will check this out.