Pivot table tool for data analysis

Is there option of using pivot table tool n the spreadsheet.com?
If not is there any other tool doing the job?

@Sanjay_Srivastava - Welcome to the community!
Pivot table is in the medium term roadmap - no firm ETA available now.


I’ll like to request one functionality which at present is not there even in google sheet or MS Excel.
In pivot table there is a provision to show the details of the rows making up a particular value in the pivot. But it creates a new sheet every time showing the rows. It is not useful.
If you could on clicking “show details” can show the filtered but original data set showing just the rows making up the value it will be great great functionality. To understand what exactly I mean you are requested to have a look at


I had imagined this as a ‘popup displaying only the filtered data’ - which is also printable. A drill down popup. But also not limited to pivot tables - Something that should also work for charts - For eg, when you double click on a bar in a bar chart.

Thanx. Waiting for its implementation.