Photo / Attachment Not Remaining Consistent Size

I’m having some issues with keeping uploaded photos within the Attachment data type columns a consistent size as I upload them. Ideally, I’d like to define the column to be size Medium or Large or whatever, and every time I upload a photo it would be that size. Changing to Strict doesn’t always fix the issue. When the photo sizes change, I have to edit the column data type again to update the sizes. I’ve had the photos change size on me by just by clicking in the cell, though that doesn’t seem to be easily repeatable.

Thanks for reporting this. If you have a reproducible case where you see attachments resizing when they should not, I would love to capture this and add it to our bug tracker. I don’t believe we have an open issue on this right now.

You can try it in the FM spreadsheet I shared with you, in the staff worksheet for example. It happens to me when I drag photos into the attachment cell. Only about 50% of the time.