Phone Number Data Type Entry/Display

I’m having issues with entering some phone numbers (using the Phone Number data type). I’d like to use some placeholders such as (000) 000-0000, but it won’t let me enter it like that, and if I enter it like 0000000000, then it converts it to just “0”. If I try 1111111111, then it doesn’t show it as (111) 111-1111. Sometimes it lets me display numbers without area codes, but I can’t enter “123-4567”. And if I enter it as 1234567, then it doesn’t display it with a dash.

So far, all the real phone numbers I’ve tried work okay, but I thought I’d report these cases anyway, just because I could see using placeholders for templates.

Just wanted to mention we have a thread going internally on this. Will update you here when we have something tangible to share.