Performance problem when scrolling up/down with collapsed rows

I saw on the roadmap that you are already working on this. I just wanted to state that the performance gets even worse when scrolling up if there are many children rows collapsed, making the worksheet very hard to work with.


Thanks for the feedback - Yes we are working on this. This is a good test case. We hope to roll out significant scroll perf improvements in a few weeks’ timeframe.

Are there many levels of nesting in your workbook or Just 2 levels? ( parents and children) ?


There is only 1 level of nesting. I never use more than 1 not to overload the current system, so: parent row + several rows underneath it (between 1 and 15 children in the same nesting level).

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Alvaro, How is the scroll performance now?

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Problem solved beyond expectations! :heart_eyes: Great work, great team! :partying_face: Thanks @Murali_Mohan