Open Spreadsheets in a New Tab

I can’t tell you how many times I have closed my spreadsheets and then had to log back into to get back to the home area. I think I’m so used to Google Drive opening files in new browser tabs, that I’m expecting SSDC to be the same. And even though I know how it works now, I can’t seem to get out of the habit of closing the files instead of using the back button.

Please make opening a file from the home screen ( open the file in a new browser tab (target="_blank"). Thanks. :slight_smile:


You can do it from the home page today. I’m thinking we should may be promote the [->] button to the same level as [v] to make it even more accessible.

+1 @Murali_Mohan, good idea

I can’t think of a reason for NOT opening up files in a new browser tab every time. The home screen is like keeping your Windows Explorer window open as you are working on files. You don’t close your Explorer window every time you open up a file. The intuitive method for opening the file is to double-click on the filename. I don’t think changing the arrow will make a significant difference. It might help to find those other options (although I have always just right-clicked, like with GS).

This might seem like a minor detail … but all of these little details stack up to create an overall user experience. And for me, this one ranks as an unnecessary annoyance.

Your usage pattern of the product maps to what could be called a Power User or a Creator. You are creating and experimenting with multiple Templates and sheets. In multiple Tabs. Not all users will fall into this Persona. There could be users who use a single Workbook ( say My Support Tickets) everyday. Designing for a Power User alone is selection bias - because a large majority of the users may not be.

Keeping the click behaviour unchanged ( Google Sheets home page does the same ) while surfacing ‘Open in New Tab’ more prominently seems like a reasonable trade-off. We may revisit if it is annoying to a significant section of users.

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I think this may actually drive me insane to not have the spreadsheets automatically open up in new windows like Google Sheets. No matter how often I try to remember to click on the “open in new window” option, I forget and then have to log in again after I’ve closed the window. Perhaps this would change if I ended up using SSDC more than I use Google Sheets. I don’t have any more hair to pull out at this point, otherwise I might blame baldness on this issue alone. :grinning:

@Vertex42 we don’t want to be the cause of hair loss! Let us give this some thought and get back to you.

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I’ve found a way around this issue by creating my own home page and bookmark structure. On to more important things now. :slight_smile:

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