Open AI function

Love the new Open AI function. Have played with sample templates but having difficulty, not with the function or accessing Open AI but rather how the templates are structured and constructed.

I see the first 3 rows are dedicated to the setup of the sheet and AI function and then a header row. But the cell with the AI function in it seems to be special, not just a normal formula cell. It has some kind of carot symbol on it, does that have meaning or is that just formatting?

I seem to be missing something to recreate the general model how the templates are constructed, trying to use my own sheet for company and city search, sic code, CxO titles, …

I’ve read the written doc on the function but a short user guide, the general architecture of the sheet, perhaps even a few bullets would be enough for now. Thanks.

Hi @Martin_Rini, thanks for this early feedback on the OpenAI function (still not “officially” launched).

Can you let us know which template(s) you are referring to and which formula cell in particular you are having an issue with? There should be nothing different about formula cells that use the OPENAI_COMPLETE function as compared to other formulas cells.



I’m not having issue with your sheet. I’m have an issue crafting my own using the concepts you used to build your template. See the template for Email Campaign Calander, cell C2.

I’d expect the OpenAI formula to be a column formula, not a cell formula. And the cell you did use, was the expectation, that one would just copy/paste down the column as one added new rows? Will either technique work?

And then the green carot in that cell, does that have meaning or is that just format for visibility reasons? I never heard of formatting a formula with a prefix like that?

So just questions, the sheet worked fine.