Notifications with Choosing a Collaborator

In one of my to do lists, I have a column set up as a “Collaborator” data type and I have checked the “Notify Collaborators When Selected” box. However, when I assign a collaborator to a task, I’m not receiving any email notifications. Not sure if this is a problem with my email or maybe the notifications are not being sent. Is this feature working at the moment?

Yeah. This feature is working.
We are not sending an email when the logged in user assigned a task to himself. Are you trying same?


To add further, Notification emails are not sent to the assigned collaborator in the following cases:

  • If the assignment is in a cell that exists in the header region
  • If the assignment is same as the assignee
  • If the assignment is for a user who has opted out of “email notifications” (Personal settings -> Notifications -> Email notifications(checkbox))

Yes, I was first experimenting by assigning a task to myself (and I agree an email notification is not needed for that). I did get another test account set up and verified that notification emails are being sent. Thank you! This is a very useful and needed feature.