Need to reformat Gantt Chart

I would like to change the information that appears in the icon on the Gantt chart. Currently it is linked to the “Owner” column, but I want this to show the shift of the job instead. For example, instead of showing the initials of the owner, I want it to show SI or SIII.

I can’t seem to change the data in the column and still have a drop-down list as it requires an email for input and access level for the user.


Are you able to enter those “shifts” as dummy email addresses? How many do you have?
I am lucky enough to own a personal domain, so I can create mulitple email addresses that will all deliver to that domain, so I set up 2 “dummy” email addresses one for SI and one for SIII. (Shared as View Only, as these are not real people just dummy entries, therefore wouldn’t require access at all really!) On testing, this worked, but the Icon is just showing the initials, so they both appeared as SI, so you would have to do SI and S3 for example. If all you need is for this “user” to be a display field in the Gannt and you don’t want to notify those shifts as resources then this would work potentially as a work around.
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