Need Help On Removing A Group of Text and Putting It On A New Cell

I was wondering if there’s any way I could put a certain text in a text group and put it in each individual cells, here’s an example:

2544549379: “+3000”,
121260153: “+2000”,
21294489: “+3000”,
25545089: “+3000”,
153955396: “+1000”,

How would I make a command in a cell to only get the text “+3000”? and so on.

Hi Preston_Nguyen,

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  1. Have the data in “A” column and

  2. Now edit the “B” column and update it to “Column Formula” data type with the formula i.e., REPLACE(A,1,SEARCH(" “,A),”").
    Like below image.

  3. Now observe the result as per the below screenshot

I hope, this is what you are looking for.

Please click the following link for a brief overview of “Text Functions.”
Text functions – Support

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