Need a Time format for our timesheet system

I would switch from Google Sheets to SSDC for my company’s timesheet system, except that there still isn’t a Time format available: h:mm AM/PM

I want to be able to recommend SSDC for an employee time log system, but I can’t do that without the Time format.

Note: It isn’t sufficient for many employees to enter the date and the number of hours (which is possible currently in SSDC). They need a way to track time in and time out, and using the full datetime format is too cumbersome to make the switch from Google Sheets.

For this system we don’t currently need the print or save-to-pdf features (though I will likely use that to archive a pdf when changes to the default print settings can be saved, and it would be awesome if a worksheet automation could email me a PDF of the time log on a particular date of the month). I would add an automation to remind me to complete payroll on the 20th, and it would be nice if an automation could make a duplicate of a worksheet (a new time log for the next month), but those would just be nice extras. All I need to make the switch from GS is the Time format.

A timesheet is something employees use frequently, so I’m hoping that keeping them coming back and using every day is a sufficient use case to make adding a Time format a priority.

I’ve mentioned the need for the Time format before ( Custom Number Formats ) but I’m worried that request will be lumped in with custom number formats and may be too far down the road[map].


Great to hear this and thanks for bubbling this up @Vertex42. A new Time data type is solidly in our roadmap and we’re looking forward to supporting great uses cases for it like timesheets. Will update this thread as soon as we have more to share.

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