Multiselect with word wrap

Hello- I chose multi-select as data type for a cell. I then chose 3 items. I could not see all three without widening the column, so I turned on word wrap, but it is not wrapping. This is very important because when data is hidden, people don’t know to look for more. I noticed this is the same case for when relating database items into a cell. Thanks in advance.


Welcome @Robert_Rob

You are right, we have not yet implemented wrapping behavior on Multiselect and Related row cells. We’re tracking it as an enhancement and adding your vote. We’ll update this thread once we have more to share on this. Thanks

is this issue related to why I can’t get text wrap to stay as the default when pasting copy into a cell which has already been set to wrap?

This is a separate issue we are tracking as # 3809: cell-level Text wrapping changing from “Wrap” to “Overflow” when data is pasted into a cell. We’ll update this thread when we have progress on this one as well. We have both of these issues in our high priority queue now so hope to be addressing them soon.

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@Robert_Rob We just released wrapping behavior for pill-style data types including Multiselect, User, and Related row. More details in our October 2nd release notes.