More Date Formats

Currently, the only Date Format available to show the Day of the Week is: “Tuesday, July 5, 2011”.
I’d love to be able to also have other Date Formats that is SHORTER in text length.

Any of these, for example:

Tues, 7/5/2011
Tues, 07/05/2011
Tues, 2011-07-05

I don’t want to take up extra column width on the screen to show the same data :slight_smile:

Yes. This makes sense.

We are tracking this as an enhancement (BUG-004044).
Will update here once it is fixed.

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Short date formats are now available in product. Please try and let us know.


@ttorimoto, in particular the Date data type now includes the following additional format options:

Issue #004044 is now closed.

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This is great to see more date formats like “ddd, m/d/yyyy” “ddd, mm/dd/yyyy” and “ddd, yyyy-mm-dd”.
This is related to my request here:

I would really really really really … really^100 like to see a day “d” value format - I use that in the majority of my calendar and scheduling spreadsheets. Many of the other formats for labels can use the TEXT formula for display purposes, but it’s important to be able to display the “d” format and still reference the cell to do calculations based on the actual date.

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Thank your for your feedback!
Support for custom number, currency & date formats - d-mmm-yy , d-mmm , $#,##0_);($#,##0) etc - the works - (and also while importing existing spreadsheets) are relatively high priority in our short term roadmap. My guess is that we’ll be able to make it available in production in a matter of months ( 2021 itself - with a high degree of probability ).


Hi all, new user. Amazed to see the additional date formats added just 10 days after being requested!

I would like to see mm-dd-yyyy (in that order with hyphens and padded zeros as in… 03-12-2022) as well. I will use the existing yyyy-mm-dd and actually prefer this since it sorts correctly, even as text. I have users in my Google Sheets who don’t like thinking about dates backwards (year month day), so in Sheets I use the requested mm-dd-yyyy - thanks

Makes sense. Tracking as 5059

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is now available in production.

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Thank you for adding the “d” date format! Here is the first of hopefully many templates that I was able to import into SSDC from Excel which uses the “d” format:


Great to see this @Vertex42!