Many to Many Link Table Record Creation

Is there a way to directly “attach” a related record , even with a many to many relation, that circumvents having to create the link-table record first (but does that automatically).

That to me is the main argument for having to go to a database app like FMP, rather than a (even if “next gen”) web-app.

[IDEAS] => [Implementation] <= [Project]

[Implementation] is the link table in this case, storing addl info about the relationship.



Hello @oliver_scholl,

Not sure what FMP is. BTW - Thanks for labelling us “next gen” - Always love that kind of feedback - :face_holding_back_tears:

Usually we use Link Table or Junction Table when there are { many Ideas } <-> { many Projects }.
I’m assuming that you want to see the Projects related to the Ideas in the Ideas sheet itself.
If that is the case, you could use a ‘Related Row Rollup’ and further restrict it to Unique.

Let me share a similar example we use internally for testing.
We have Orders <-> LineItems <-> Products. Each Order has multiple line-items; each LineItem has a Product. I want to see all the Products in my Order.
So I do this:

Hi Murali,
FMP is meant to be short for FileMakerPro.

My question is not about getting rollups or so, after having a related record.

I’d like to add a product to orders without having to deal with the in-between link table (i.e having to enter a new line item record) or at least not notice that’s what I’m doing. Ideally a drop down of products to attach.

is that a better way to describe the situation ?

Ideas and projects is just a stand-in for what I’m working on. so talking about orders, line items and products is as well.

btw, looking back at the initial question… I thought it was pretty clear.



It’s kind of like saying my client doesn’t care about the link table, they just want to attach products to orders. then care about line item details (count, price etc) later.

The purpose is to simplify and speed up data entry.