Linking 2 start date taks together

What if I want 2 tasks (or more) to be linked by start date?
meaning, I want to set the start date of task2 10 days after task 1, and if I change the start date of task1, then task 2 changes as well and accordingly?

Many thanks

There are many ways to do this, here are 2:

Option 1:
We would typically recommend using a Gantt chart view to create dependencies between tasks. Detailed information about using Gantt views and dependencies is available here:

For your example, one limitation of this approach today is enforcing a 10 day lag between tasks. However, support for this is under development and coming soon (stay tuned for a product update announcement regarding this).

Option 2:
You can use a simple formula to define the start date of task 2, based on the start date of task 1. For example, if your start date of task 1 is in cell B1, you could write a formula to calculate the start date for task 2 as =B1+10. With this in place, whenever you change the start date of task 1, the start date for task 2 will automatically change to 10 days after task 1.

Hi Matt,

when I tried your option 2 I get this message…

Heads Up
(Project Management) Formulas cannot be entered in Project Management columns.

Yes, for now formulas cannot be entered in columns used by Project Management settings. As of today you would have to either A) do this in a worksheet that does not have Project Management enabled, or B) use a different column for these formulas.

We are working toward providing the ability to write formulas in columns used by Project Management settings (no specific ETA yet) but in the meantime you’ll have to work around this limitation.