Keyboard entry for Date type

Created a Date column, set format to DD MMMM YYYY. Typed in mm/dd/yy. It took it but didn’t treat it as a date. Set the column to Strict. Tabbed into that column and hit the 1 key to type in 12/25/90. Up popped up a calendar for current month/year. Typing keys doesn’t do anything. I have to manually click on years, months, and arrows to get to the date I want. It took several clicks to dates back in the 1920s.

Expected behavior, like in Excel. Date format can be specified to show one way but it will accept dates in any recognizable format. Type in 12/25/90, or 25 Dec 1990, or December 25, 1990, would all be accepted and then displayed as formatted, 20 December 1990.

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Yep. In our todo list to fix. Will update you shortly about possible rollout date.

Tracking this as issue# 001537

I was going to add the suggestion for a custom date type of mmm-dd-yy. I was having a little bit of stress when I saw I couldn’t choose that view. :crazy_face:

We have addressed this in a release release, keyboard input now is reflected in the Calendar popup as you type.