Is there any Trading journal(For Stock Market) Template other than default templates?

i Am looking for a trading Journal (Stock Markets) Where in we can keep track of our open and close positions. with analytics of profit/loss, wins/loss, Etc. if someone has already have a template then Kindly share the link.

Welcome @Ankit_Shah. We don’t have a template for this in our gallery yet but will keep this idea in mind as we expand it.

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Would there be a need for real-time or delayed quotes? I don’t think there is a way yet to get that data into SSDC via refresh or web query, but correct me if I’m wrong.

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You are right. Auto-refreshing external-data is not currently available. It has a place in our medium-long term roadmap. However, when we release our Zapier support, in a few weeks , it may be possible to push/refresh live stock data into SSDC via Zapier periodically.


Wow great Thanks looking forward to it .

First of all thanks for replying I like the the idea of having real-time data but that is actually not required as it is trading journal. Basically log of all trades executed. So we need to manually enter our custom price of entry and exit.

I have lot of things in mind if someone wants to develop a custom template.Since there is very big equity/crypto/commodity trading community we have a bulit in template which is currently not there in other platforms.

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A Stock Portfolio template is now available in the gallery!

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