Is there a way to rotate images once they've been uploaded to an attachment cell?

Is there a way to rotate images once they’ve been uploaded to an attachment cell? I updated a bunch of images but they have been automatically reoriented from vertical images to horizontal images. I would like to rotate them so they appear correctly. Is that possible?

Welcome to the community Greg!!

We don’t have the functionality to interact with uploaded files as of date. I imagine it would be very valuable to tinker with uploaded images.

Thanks for bringing the automatic reorientation issue to our notice. I’ll share an update as soon as I have one.

Tracking as BUG-005249. We have reproduced the issue with a limited image set. Will need confirmation on the fix from you when we release it.

Thanks again for helping us make this a better product!

Awesome. Thanks, Santosh. Is there a general progress tracker for bugs that I can keep an eye on or do you not make that available for end users?

If and when a bug that was referenced in the community is fixed, the team updates the status on the thread. We don’t have a public facing tracker as of date.

The bug has been fixed.

While images already uploaded will stay as is, any images uploaded henceforth should have the correct orientation in previews and thumbnails.