Is there a limitation in the number of rows permitted?

This is such a basic thing I feel like it must be user error on my part, but I’ve gotten to row 105 in my first workbook, and it doesn’t automatically create more rows…I have to choose “Insert 1 row below” every time in order to get a new row…

Hi Kathleen,

For sure this is sorely missing in right now. In the next couple weeks we expect to be adding a row addition component at the end of worksheets.

Right now worksheets have a 10,000 row limit. This will expand in the next few months.

Meanwhile, until we add the row addition component shown above, the fastest way to insert rows is to select a number of rows, right click the row header and choose “Insert XX rows below” from the context menu, as shown here:

Also, our cut/copy/paste architecture is being completely redesigned and will be launched soon after this. Once this is released, when you paste data into a worksheet, regardless from where, the worksheet will automatically expand (i.e. add rows and columns) to accommodate the pasted data.

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Cool, thanks Matt! I assumed there would be a limitation on the number of rows, but felt like slightly over 100 was pretty early to be hitting that.

For now, glad there’s a workaround…thanks for pointing that out!

Today’s updates include a new row insertion component at the bottom of every worksheet:


The “+” button provides a quick way to add a single row.
The “Add” button provides a way to add up to 100 rows at a time.