Is each sheet limited to 25K rows?


I am trying to migrate my data from Airtable to Spreadsheet and one of my sheets has around 35K rows of data. Is there a limit on the number of rows for each sheet?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Alireza,

Thank you for reaching out and it’s very nice to meet you virtually! My name is Thomas and I lead Customer Success here at

We do have limits for different Worksheets but this would be based on the plan type you chose. I’m including a link below to our size limits here sheet, workbook, and based on plan type.

There is also a size limit when it comes to importing files to and this is currently at 10MB.

  • Size Limts (here)
  • Plan Breakdown (here)

I’d be happy to connect with you as we might have workarounds to help with the initial importing of this data but it would require breaking this up into more manageable sizes. I’ve followed up with a direct email with my calendar/availability for your convenience.

Thomas Van Steyn
Customer Success Manager

Hello Thomas,

Thank you for getting back to me, and it’s great to meet you virtually as well. Currently, I have a Premium Subscription that I know is limited to 100K rows for a workspace, which is perfectly sufficient for my needs. However, I’ve encountered an issue where one of the sheets in that workspace has around 35K rows, and for some reason, I can’t have more than 25K rows in that sheet. Is there a separate limit per sheet besides the 100K limit for the entire workspace?"

Thank you.

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Hi Ali,

Thank you for the extra details and this makes sense. Currently, we do have a limit per Worksheet of 25K rows per Worksheet. However, the team is working to lift this to around 50K per Worksheet for the Premium/Enterprise Plans and I’ll make sure to follow up on this thread once that has been updated.

Thank you again for reaching out and as mentioned above I’d be happy to connect if you have other questions I can help with regarding your use case/ usage.


Thank you Thomas for your response. That answers my question.

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