International collaboration and date data type

This might be an enhancement suggestion…
If I am collaborating on a worksheet with teams in USA and UK, can:

  1. the date show in the collaborators local date format?
  2. the date-time show in the collaborators local time (ie ET, CT, PT or BST)?
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Hello Shannon,

Like @Manooj_Murali described in another post, every Workbook has a specific Locale and TZ.
The Locale and TZ of the workbook are inherited from the Workspace it is created in. The Workspace’s Locale and TZ are auto detected from the Workspace Creator/Owner’s browser at creation time.
The UI to view/change Workbook Locale/TZ is in our roadmap.

Now, this means that the default dates will be in US format ( and the TZ as well) for a Workbook created from US. And even UK based collaborators will see it as such.

We were tempted go the other way - ie, each user seeing the date/date-format in his own TZ/Locale settings. But that would lead us to varying concurrent presentations of the same cell data in various end user instances. Given how you can then use formulas to extract text segments out of these presentations, this variance has the likelihood of proliferating. So we finally decided to not go that route.


AFAIK, some other popular online spreadsheets have made similar design decisions.

Ok, thanks for the explanation.