Inputting data via URL posts

Is there any way to populate my spreadsheets via a URL call? This is possible in Google Sheets by using a Forms URL like the one listed below. You’d start off on their form and use the option to get a populated URL for the form and then change it a bit to add in the “formReponse” and “&submit=Submit” parts to the URL. I could then programatically push data into my Google Sheets by manipulating the URL and calling it.

I’d love to be able to do this with, and especially so if there was some security mechanism to the URL - even something simple like shared token text in the URL compared to somewhere in Spreadsheets. Any mechanism for something like this?

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Good question Matt. Clearly, forms support is in our roadmap. We’ll get back to you on this.
Have a question for you - since you mentioned security mechanism. Mostly forms are designed and deployed as open to the internet - everybody. Is your usecase better served by a secure REST API?

Can I have both? :slight_smile:
I could see using both actually for times that I’d want public data submitted, and other times where a REST API would be appropriate. Is there a REST API method available now? Thanks!!!

Short answer is Yes. :slight_smile: - Both Forms and REST API. We do not have a published REST API yet. Please stay tuned for roadmap updates.

Excellent - looking forward to trying it out!