In the Employee Directory worksheet, searching "San Francisco" returns 0 records

Searching for “San Jose” returns 2 records; searching for “Francisco” returns 2 records; but searching for “San Francisco” returns 0 records.

Welcome to the community Eugene.

There seems to be a special non-printable character in the string which is causing the issue.

Thank you for bringing it to our notice. Will be fixed shortly.
Update: Issue has been fixed.

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So two things.

  1. Santosh has fixed the Emp Directory Template’s entry by taking out the NBSP ( U+A0 ) character in "San Francisco’ - which is great

  2. However I think the desired behaviour is for the spreadsheet Grid to weed out NBSP and the like in the data entry ( copy-paste or type) phase.
    → So it converts San_NBSP_Francisco to San_SPACE_Francisco

I have logged issue #3665