Importing range of JPEGs

I just joined Importing JPEGs into cells is a great feature, however I can’t seem to make it work the way I want. I have a folder of images and I want to import one image into each cell in a column. When I select all images in the folder and import, the app wants to put a max of 5 images in one cell. I tried selecting a range of cells equal to the number of images that I want to import, but got the same result. Anyone figure out how to import a range of JPEGs one image at a time into a column range of cells?

Welcome to the community Greg!

This is by design. We allow only 5 files (JPEG or otherwise) to be imported in one go. Also, there is no way to import files into a range of selected cells. But it has been recently asked by another user too. The thread for your reference here.

We will discuss on this ask and get back. Stay tuned.