"Image" as a data type

It could be useful to get a data type insert image (non attached) because when I insert image with related command this does not freeze the image with a reference cell so when I jump among different views the image does not follow the views correctly.
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Not sure I follow. Would you be able to elaborate with may be one or more screenshots to help us understand the issue?

Hello @Murali_Mohan ,
I attached a short video and I tried to print a pdf and the formatting problem still persist.
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Internally, tracking this as a defect #005403.
Will update here once this is resolved.

Hi @Kiran_Angara
Thank you for your update.
I wondering is it possible to get an “image” as a column data type but not as attached but nested image into a cell. It would be great for a management of images in Spreadsheet.
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Hi @fn_a,

We have an option to create a column as “Attachment” data type in spreadsheet.com.
Please go through the below link for more details.

I hope, this is what you are looking for.

Thank you @Kiran_Angara, I’ve seen it. But it would be interesting to insert an image not as an attachment but as a nested image, capable to adapt to the cell (dimension, margin, giustificativo, etc.)
Thank you again

“Image in a cell”, as referred to by other spreadsheet softwares, was deferred for a later date when we implemented floating images. The consideration made was that attachment cells are a more advanced version of that. But I can see how the attachment cell styling (padding around image, unresponsive to justification, icons to add more, etc) can hinder what you are trying to get at.

Will discuss and update the thread if this can find a place on the roadmap.

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The “Image in a cell” in Google Sheets is something I’ve really liked ever since that was implemented. I mostly use it for logos, and the other main way I use it is already covered by your attachment datatype. But, the nice thing about the “Image in a cell” feature is that the image can resize automatically with the cell size and maintains the correct aspect ratio. If the attachments column would allow an attached image to resize with the cell size instead of only allowing small/medium/large icons, that would accomplish basically the same functionality in my case. Although I do also like the ability to choose small/medium/large. So, adding an “Auto” as one of the size options for attachments might be a nice future addition.

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taking up the subject again, It would be useful to get the same concept of “image in a cell” to an “insert chart”. It would also allow you to sort the chart images according to a more rational and controllable scheme.
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