How to set defualt value for select datatype

Hi all,

When I created a spreadsheet some months ago I set up several “select” type columns with default values. I am now adding another column of the same type, and would like to set a default value, but I can’t remember how I did it.

Please help!



Default values are set for a Select datatype when a new row is created from 1. A Kanban View stacked by the Select or 2. When a new row is created in a Grouped View

We may add this option to Select and other datatypes in future.

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Thanks for your reply, though I’m afraid I don’t understand it. :slight_smile: (I’m a very elementary user, using only the Sheet and Form views.)

In case anyone is having the same problem, I did just figure out how to set a default column value, however. It is not set via the “Set Data Type” option on Sheet View. Rather, you can set the default value via the Form View: when you set up your form, click on the desired field. This will bring up the Field Settings pane (or whatever ou call it) to the right of the form; scroll down the pane and you will see the box to enter the default value.


I should have said, first, add the desired field to the form. Then, click on the field in the form.


Hi Nancy,

Appreciate the follow-up response and glad you were able to get this working! Please let us know if you have any other questions about the Form View or other features.

Have a great rest of your day Nancy!

Thomas Van Steyn
Customer Success Manager