How to Organize Multiple Construction Projects Plans

I’ll use an example to ask my question.

I’m running 3 construction jobs concurrently.

I have a Project Plan for each job.

I have 1 painting crew.

Is there a way to keep track of resource allocation across all 3 jobs? If my painting crew is scheduled to work at Job#1, can prevent or alert me if I try to schedule the painting crew at Job#2 for the same dates?


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@Julia_Rotenberg - I do no think there is an easy way to do this today. However, this would be a primary use case that we will solve with our ‘Resource Management’ feature set - scheduled for Feb/March 2023 rollout.

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This will be a holly grail of construction management. My background is in software development. The feature I’m talking about should be very easy to implement. It goes like this: “If Murali_Mohan is assigned to tasks on Project_Julia and Project_Jesse on the same day then, highlight those rows in Red.” An even simpler variation looks like this: I have all my projects in one workbook. Each project is a section in the same workbook. Just like you have functionality to display “Tasks by Owner”; “Tasks by Status”, create “Tasks by Resource” and provide an automation that would display tasks assigned to one resource on the same dates.

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Thanks for these suggestions @Julia_Rotenberg we will take these into consideration as we work on the design of our forthcoming Resource Management feature.