How do I view the number of days into an activity

Meaninng if I have an activity that last 100 days how can i know which days we are at from the begin date to todays date?

One way to do this would be to have a Start Date column (using the Date data type) and a Days Since Start column (using the Column Formula data type), as shown here:


In this example, the Days Since Start column is a column formula that subtracts the Start Date column value from Today’s date, using the TODAY() function, as shown here:


This column is also set to format the result as a Duration value with the days format, as shown here:


You could take this example further by enhancing the formula to show a percentage complete based on a predefined fixed number of days (e.g. “19% complete”), or returning a string displaying the number of days passed out of the total predefined number (e.g. “19/100 days passed”).

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Can I ask another question?

What if I want a 2 tasks (or more) to be linked by start date?

meaning, I want to set the start date of task2 10 days after task 1, and if I change the start date of task1, then task 2 changes as well and accordingly?

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We will follow up to this question in this topic: Linking 2 start date taks together