Highlight cells and rows with messages

I’d love to be able to more quickly target the cells (and rows) that have comments on them. The triangle in the corner for cell messages gets lost very quickly in larger documents.

This could be done through conditional formatting options or even a toolbar setting and just outlines or adds a colored background to the affected cells/row.

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Hi Jesse,

Thank you for this feedback and we agree with you on this!

We have plans for updating our Notification system by organizing these in our Notification Center. This is where the bell is in the upper right of your Spreadsheet.com workbook where you may have seen the “Coming Soon” message. This feature will also provide more fine-grained settings where you can configure what workbooks and individual rows you want to follow/be notified about.

Will also share this feedback with the team to highlight the need for this feature and update this thread once we have any more updates on the timeline of this being released.

Thomas Van Steyn
Customer Success Manager

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