Hide Columns: Doesn't Collapse

Looks like there is a bug associated with hiding columns. In testing this with the Product Launch Plan template, if I insert a new column and then try to hide it, it just looks like the data is erased and doesn’t collapse the column. Then, if I UNDO, instead of unhiding, it undoes whatever I did prior to hiding the column, which in this case was to create the column. This resulted in the new column disappearing, yet the Hide Columns icon was still showing one hidden column.

Thank you. We’re tracking this internally as issue #001533 and will add to this thread when we have updates to share.

This issues was fixed in a recent update.

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I have a similar issue with hiding columns-- although I can successfully hide columns in primary view, it doesn’t apply and hide them in kanban view.

Ah, we don’t yet provide the ability to hide columns in Kanban views. It would make sense to add this.

If/when we do add it, hidden columns in Kanban views would not appear as fields in the row dialog you have shown above. We’re tracking this as enhancement # 003824