Google Drive integration for attachments or links

I see that we can attach a Google Doc from Google Drive, but it exports it as a docx and does not include future updates to the original. What I am wondering if there is a similar integration that will just link out to the Google Doc on the internet. Our company uses Google Docs to organize briefs, proposals and other collateral elements. I know we can use a URL field to create a link, but this is not convenient if we have multiple documents. It would be more convenient to have something like the Attachment column type where you can link to multiple Drive or Dropbox elements, or even folders. Does something like this exist currently that I am missing?

Hi @Chad_Specter, This capability does not exist but it’s a great idea and one we will consider for the future roadmap. The closest you can come today is by using a Rich Text column, which will allow you to have multiple links within a cell.

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OK, thanks. Will try doing that for now.