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I currently have specific calendar activities (via formula) showing on the calendar. I wanted to be able to integrate these dates onto our mail Google Calendar however the zapier app doesn’t seem to cater for this, it brings all dates across - which is unwanted. Is there a plan to get more of a like for like integration between the beta calendar and Google Calendar?

Hello @Jennifer_Vera_Robert - Google Calendar integration is under development - it should be released in a few weeks.


That’s fantastic news! Thanks for getting back to me! I look forward to it, have a great weekend!

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Hi, Is there an update re the Google calendar integration? Thank you!

Hi @Jennifer_Vera_Robert,

You can share the calendar via the iCal link and use this link to access the calendar from other applications like Google Calendar in your case.

Generate the iCal link for the calendar view:

  1. Go to the calendar view and click the “Share view” button in the header.
  2. Check “Enable public sharing via the iCal link” and copy the iCal link by clicking the “Copy link” button.


Use the iCal link in the Google Calendar application:

  1. Go to the Google Calendar application and click on the “Add other calendars” button, and select the “From URL” option from the dialog.

    Screenshot (134)

    Screenshot (136)

  2. Paste the iCal link (generated for the calendar view), and click on the “Add calendar” button.

Help documentation: