Google Calendar - Native Integration

I was approached with an interest in getting a 2-way sync to a Google group calendar without the use of 3rd party apps such as Zapier. It must be a native integration.

I see there is currently a way to get a sync out to your Google calendar. Is there the possibility of getting it to go both ways?

Hi @Nathalie_Collins

We’re working on a Data Sync feature that will allow you to sync a worksheet with an external data source. We will be supporting Google Calendar as one of the initial data sources. Will update this thread once we have more to share. The launch of this feature is not imminent but it is in our short-medium term roadmap.



Hi Matt

Can a Google Calendar sync be done through your API?

Hi @Davyn_Arscott, This is not available through the API ( but is available as a standard Calendar feature for syncing events with any Google Calendar. More details here (see bottom):