Give permission to edit only specific column

Hello, if we have this feature it will transform our team’s workflow and save us a lot of time

This feature is exactly as same as Google sheet Protect Range feature. Would love to have it in our workflow

We have 3 different departments and have different views for each department. But we need to give access to one department to edit only one column (attach file) so that they will not mess up other columns by accident (which happens pretty often). For now, they have Commentor permission level, so they cant edit anything in their view. So we have to check their sheet every given time to see if they submitted their work.

Thank you so much!

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Hello @Megan_Mya - Welcome to the community!

We plan to add Column level permissions for Users/Groups in the medium term future. This is an important feature for medium-large teams. Will update this space when we have something to report.
Thanks, Murali.

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