Gantt View - Related Row Column as Task Bar Labels

I would like to be able to choose a related row column for the task bar labels in the Gantt view. It looks like this isn’t currently possible. In this case, it is for displaying an equipment reservation schedule. In the project management case, you may want to do this if you want to display task descriptions which are chosen from a list.

I tried to work around this by creating a separate hidden column that was just equal to the value found in the related row column. I was able to choose that column in the task bar label, but it shows a seemingly random set of characters.

By using the TEXT function, I was able to get it to work:

Thanks Jon for reporting this, we are tracking this internally as BUG-004242.
We will update this thread once it is resolved.

By the way, this example is part of the new “Equipment Sign Out System” template here:

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