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I created a Gantt chart using, exported it to Excel, and imported it into

It looked pretty good. Then I added a Gantt view. The Project Management wouldn’t let me pick which columns were Project Management columns. It created new ones rather than use the ones I already had.

If you were starting from scratch, that might be ok, but I had a 100 row Gantt spreadsheet already created. I’m going to try to copy my columns to the PM columns and see how that works.

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→ When you import from Excel, the Start Date, End Date, %Complete, Duration columns will not have the appropriate Column Level datatype set.

→ If you set it to Start Date = Date, End Date = Date, %Complete = % , Duration = Duration ( choose 2d as the format - that one works best usually ) , - at the Column Level - before creating your Gantt view, will correctly pick the columns and will not create new ones.

→ Having said that, there may be room for some UX improvement in this switch-on process. We are continually learning!

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Changing the datatype makes sense. That worked pretty well. Thanks.

I think it would be best starting from scratch rather than importing. Nice job.

I had this same issue when I first tried it from scratch - the Gantt view made new columns even though I used the correct column labels. So, it’s good to know about setting the data types first.

One idea would be to check for the exact phrase “Start Date” and “End Date” in the column labels. Also, if any of the existing values contain formulas or any of the existing values contain data that does not match the correct data type (i.e. date values or percentages), then that might be a good reason to automatically create a new column instead of overwriting formulas or other data.

There probably has to be a mini wizard which takes the user through various options.

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For now, maybe the pop-up message when creating a Gantt view could mention that to use existing columns requires using the correct column labels and defining the data types.

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Showing the data type & format as a header in the drop list might help as well.

Mike Pickus